Oriental cuisine

Kufta 5,00€
Mixed stuffing, potatoes, chick peas, parsley, onions, tomatoes
Bozbash 5,00€
Beef, potatoes, tomatoes, chick peas, onions, saffron, basil, parsley
Petey 7,00€
Lamb, tomatoes, saffron, potatoes, onions, chick peas, greens, seasonings
Dyushbara 4,00€
Mini dumplings, beef broth
Harcho 5,00€
Beef or lamb, rice, tomato paste, basil, garlic
Shish kebab from chicken 7,00€
Skewers of pork 5,00€ / 7,00€
Shish kebab from turkey 5,00€ / 7,00€
Skewers of lamb (dorsal carbonate) 13,00€
Grilled chicken wings 5,00€
Lulya-kebab 5,00€ / 6,50€
With potatoes / with lavash / with rice / with french fries
Сhicken Lula-kebab  5,00€ / 6,50€
With potatoes / with lavash / with rice
Doyma (from the pig's neck) 5,00€ / 7,50€
Sach 14,00 - 17,00€
You can choose from: pork, chicken, turkey, lamb
Grilled salmon 12,00€
Qutab 5.50€
Lavash, ram’s stuffing
Eggplant stuffed with walnuts 5,00€
Chihirtma 6,00€
Onion, chicken, egg, coriander, seasonings, salt, saffron
Chahahbili 6,00€
Chicken, onion, tomato puree, tomato, garlic, herbs, pepper
Satsivi 6,00€
Chicken, salt, walnut, onion, red pepper, saffron, greens, hops-suneli, garlic
Dolma in the grape leaves 7,00€
Beef stuffing, ram’s stuffing, rice, onion, garlic, greens, seasonings
Hashlama 7,00€
Lamb, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, paprika, garlic, herbs, onions, saffron
Azerbaijan sweet pilaf 8,00€
Lamb, rice, apricot, raisins, plums, onions
Azerbaijani pilaf from mutton 7,00€
Lamb, rice, onion
Lyavangi 5,00€
Walnuts, chicken meat, onion, parsley, paprika, garlic, saffron
Ajabsundal vegetable 4,00€
Paprika, tomato paste, eggplant, onion
Khachapuri 3,00€
Turkish dönnyar kebab from chicken 6,00€
With rice / with boiled potatoes / with fried potatoes / with mashed potatoes / with French fries
Achma 4,00€
Turkish pie with suluguni

European cuisine

Selyanka 3,00€
Chicken soup with homemade noodles 4,00€
Shrimp soup 4,50€
Shrimp, smoked cheese, cream
Salmon soup 4,50€
Salmon, carrots, corn, paprika, leeks, cream
Salad with smoked chicken 5,00€
Smoked chicken, prunes, egg, champignons, cheese, fried onions, mayonnaise
Salad with grilled salmon 5,00€
Grilled salmon, Chinese cabbage, paprika, corn, tomato, cucumber, egg, lemon, mustard sauce
Salad with shrimp 5,00€
Shrimp, Chinese cabbage, corn, cucumber, pineapple, olives, lemon, sauce
Salad with a Macro 4,00€
Maca, fresh tomatoes, paprika, cheese, egg, garlic, mayonnaise
Greek salad 4,00€
Chinese cabbage, cucumber, fresh tomato, olives, onion, Feta cheese, paprika, apples, vegetable oil
Delicatessen salad 4,50€
Boiled tongue, cheese, fresh cucumber, apple, mayonnaise
Potato salad with ham 3,00€
Pork in French 7,50€
Pork, onion, cheese, sauce
Pork in Dutch 7,50€
Breaded schnitzel, fried egg, mushroom sauce
Julienne with chicken 3,00€
Chicken meat, champignons, onions, sour cream, cheese
Julienne with shrimps 3,00€
Shrimps, champignons, onions, sour cream, cheese
Percy beef 12,00€
Internal beef fillet, hot sauce, brandy
Chicken fillet in almond crumbs 7,50€
Chicken fillet, pineapple, almonds, sauce
Chicken fillet chicken with mushrooms 8,50€
Chicken fillet, champignons, cheese, seasoning
Cutlet in Kiev with garnish 7,50€
Chicken fillet, dill, butter
Chicken ``Tabaka`` 12,00€
Chicken, garlic, spices, red sauce
Pork carbonate 8,00€
Carbonate, braised sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers
Tilapia with spinach 7,00€
Rasstegay with salmon 8,00€
Fillet of salmon, puff pastry
Salmon with shrimp sauce 12,00€
Salmon, cheese, shrimp sauce
Salmon pocket with champignons 12,00€
Salmon fillet, champignons, French fries, vegetables
Stuffed mushrooms 4,00€
Champignons, ham, onions, cheese, mayonnaise
Risotto with vegetables and champignons 4,00€
Omelet 4,50€
With ham and cheese / with champignons and cheese
Snack 3,50€
Ham, smoked sausage, pickled cucumber, olives
Vegetable snack 3,00€
Cheese appetizer 3,50€
Basturma 4,00€
Boiled potatoes 1,50€
Deep fried potatoes 1,50€
Mashed potatoes 1,50€
French fries 1,50€
Rice 1,50€
Pancakes with sour cream 2,50€
Pancakes with jam 2,50€
Pancakes with ham and cheese 4,00€
Pancakes with ice-cream 4,00€
Ice cream with fruits 3,50€

Children’s menu

Chicken soup with croutons 2,00€
Soup with meatballs 2,00€
Chicken kebab 6,50€
Chicken fillet, cucumber, tomato, French fries
Children's lunch 4,00€
French fries, сосиски, помидор, огурец, соус
Happy dumplings 4,00€
Hedgehogs 4,00€
Spaghetti, knels from mixed stuffing, tomatoes
Farfalle with chicken and cheese 5,50€
Chicken fillet, pasta, paprika, cream, cheese
Cheesecakes 3,50€
Cottage cheese, egg, flour, sugar
Fish fingers 3,00€
Fish fingers, french fries, cucumber, tomato
Vanilla Sky 3,50€
Vanilla ice cream, milk, cream
Chunga-changa 3,50€
Chocolate syrup, milk, ice cream
Malvina 3,50€
Strawberries, milk, ice cream
Children's champagne 6,00€